January 25, 2018

Cloth Weaving Lady

Her name is Joleha, living in Kampung Terringai located at Kudat, Sabah near seaside. Entering to the village needs a 4WD. One of the elder in […]
January 27, 2018

Fetrina Drying Paddy

In this Murut tribe village, they plant their own paddy rice. This is one of the ancient approach to dry paddy rice before you can grind […]
January 28, 2018

Buyun Maker

‘Buyun’ is a homemade basket used by the local here to carry stuff. If you would like to support their livelihood, you may help by ordering […]
March 2, 2018

New Exploration in Tenom

We have explored to the central interior of Sabah. Here is a new village spotted named Kampung Marais. Stay tuned for more updates! #koinoniaasia #maraiscenter
March 12, 2018

A Wonderful Meetup with the Kg.Timug’s Community

Another trip to Kampung Timug! This round we got a chance to discuss with the local community for the wholistic community transformation program for year 2018. […]
March 13, 2018

Visiting The “Ladang Gereja” Kg.Timug

We got the chance to visit the Ladang Gereja and shared with the community some tips on how to do organic farming. They are so eager […]
March 16, 2018

A Small Gift but Meaningful

During the trip to Kampung Timug on 11th March 2018, we also brought coconuts as a gift for them. They accepted it with a grateful heart. […]
March 27, 2018

Sewing Class at Kampung Nahaba

Sewing classes started at Kampung Nahaba, Kota Belud. The classes were held for few days. The students were eagerly learning. We hope what we shared will […]
March 27, 2018

Second Day of Sewing Class

This is second day of sewing lesson, after learning how to measure, they are excited learning how to cut. Here are some snapshots. #koinoniaasia
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