Community Hub @ Koinonia Asia

To create a public space for community empowerment

Objective: To transform a section of the property identified as a non-profit  community  open to public

Location: Lot 59 , Jalan Kilang , Kolombong , Kota Kinabalu.

Background: Any city will face a problems for finding affordable space for non-profit activities-to a point where space or a lack of it do become a constraint on the vibrancy of community life; the Koinonia Asia Community Hub aims to pro-actively eliminate this factor in Kota Kinabalu and serve as a model for other cities .

Strategy: To create within the property spaces for office usage, hostel, sales counter/show room, exhibition, artist studio, filming studios, performances, musical or theatrical practices, skills training, meeting, conferencing, gatherings, celebrations, eatery, emergency relief operation and storage, forums, public debates etc

Mode of Operation: 

1. The spaces can be rented at low affordable rates appropriate to community capacity,  with provision for waiver of rental for deserving cases, with the broad aim to empower community;

2. The space will be governed on a basis to respect human rights, non-discrimination, non-corrupt, transparent and democratic  governance;

1. Coworking Office usage
NGOs start ups are welcome to set up office in the property –facilities: air-con, common services and meeting space. Currently 4 rooms and three tables are available; 1 could be used as a temporary, ad-hoc office for spontaneous/emergency  activities;

2. Community Hostel
For long term and short term usage eg meeting/training/performers from interior/far away; resident artists; 4 rooms are available currently.

3. Sales counter/show room(`KK folks market’)
For local products like indigenous handicraft, rural/jungle produce, organic products etc. The Hub’s rural organizers will be organizing such sales with rural communities; a 3500 sq ft hall is available for this purpose;

4. Exhibition/artist studio/filming studios/ performances/concert/musicals & theatrical practices(`KK’s art space)
Make it an alternative, community art space of KK to promote budding/alternative artists who don’t afford costly spaces in town! The artists can help to give a make-over for the Space’s presentation; The hall will be used for this purpose;

5. Skill training/meeting/conferencing/talks/seminars(KK’s community University)
Training in organic gardening (in unpaved gardening space) and other livelihood skills, adult education (eg cooking lessons, handicraft), awareness raising (eg on need for garbage separation, doing away with plastic packaging, making natural soap etc); seminars/talks(on low carbon/foot-print/waste lifestyles, on ecological awareness etc). It can become an alternative community-based university with a year-round calendar of inspiring lectures.  A meeting room for 50 pax with sound system and projector is available for this purpose, apart from the hall of 3500 square ft;

6. Gathering, celebration, fund-raising events, catering(KK’s Happening Space’):
3500 square ft of covered, lockable space with chairs, tables, raised platform, exhibition stands, speaker system, projector, interior decoration, power supply, common services, plenty of parking  etc; The hall will be used for this purpse;

7. Emergency relief and storage (KK’s people’s SOS center):
Some space will be devoted to storage of emergency relief material – which will coordinate with an organized emergency/disaster relief group; it can also be a shelter in emergency situations; a dedicated space will be allocated for this purpose while meetings can be held in the meeting room/hall;

8. Forums, public debates(`KK’s Town Hall’):
Forum and debates by public /civil society/government/parties  are encourage to promote civic participation and transparency in good governance in Sabah. Affiliated civil society groups can be the organizer of such events apart from the Space’s organizer; A small canteen can be started to cater for forum attendants and raise fund for the Space’s upkeeping; the meeting room/hall can be used for this purpose;

9. Promotion, training and awareness centre for naturally farmed products and practices.
  In conjunction a collection, distribution and sales centre will be set up .

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