Seed Project of Marais Village

Vision Workshop 2 @ Marais Village
May 21, 2018
Kg.Tibabar Building Hut Together
July 14, 2018

After giving few rounds of wholistic community transformation vision workshops at Marais village, Tenom. They have formed committees under the community center name of Maraiscenter which had initiated by Samwise Loh. The committees have caught the vision and they started to work together in unity for the seed project by building a big screen open theatre for Worldcup FIFA 2018 for the community. During this project, they practised teamwork. They also felt proud about it as they owned the project themselves. Another things that they surprised themselves too is that it is actually possible to build something with minimal cost if using local resources as such bamboos and their own manpower. At the same time, the women set up stores to sell food to generate incomes for the community center. For more latest updates about this project, check out their facebook page at .

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